#Quatrovente relaunch fiesta

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Relaunch fiesta

For weeks we had been looking forward to Wednesday, where we were planning to relaunch Just be Hungry. We had been throwing around ideas for menu plans and ideas as we were not about to relaunch with hamburgers and french fries. We decided on Mexican inspired relaunch fiesta; Beef nachos, chicken fajitas, 3 bean salad with grilled corn, fresh salsa and churros for dessert.

Nachos are a specialty for our friend, Julio, and whether it’s beef or chicken, it’s always primo. The chicken fajitas were marinated in a vacuum sealed bag with a variety of herbs and spices including chili powder, cumin, cilantro and lime juice, to name a few. The salad was inspired from a recipe we found, but Jeff expanded on it and added corn, jalapeño and peppers, which he grilled before tossing them in with the rest of the ingredients.

This meal plan has all fresh ingredients and can serve large groups of people, so it’s perfect for a summer time cookout or during a big Stanley Cup game. Save time by using a food processor to help dice and chop your ingredients. The 3 bean salad is best made 24 hrs before so that the beans and flavours have time to marinate. The salsa as well can be made a head of time. Your guests will be asking when the next fiesta will be!

After a break we went to work on making the churros, something none of us had ever made before, but that did not stop us. The dough is interesting to make as you boil the water with butter and a bit of salt before mixing in the flour and eggs. You then put the dough in a piping bag and pipe out 4 inch churros into the oil to fry. We tossed them in a mix of sugar and cinnamon before serving with a coffee, delicious ending to a productive day. Check the links above for the recipes.

We are excited to be back to share more culinary adventures with anyone who visits and is interested in cooking. We have a new look to the site and we are also happy to welcome Julio to the team who, with his skills and know-how, will be a great addition.

Stay hungry my friends,


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