Grilled Corn On The Cob

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Final product

Summers here and there’s nothing like a nice cook-out with some delicious sweet corn on the cob, but who wants to have the same boiled corn all summer long? Not me that’s for sure. Try this delicious grilled corn on the cob that will put the boiled one to shame.

What we’ll be doing is making a butter mix which we will then apply to the corn, wrap it up in the husk and then grill for about 20-25 minutes on medium heat. The exterior might get charred but the husk protects the corn and the inside will be perfect.

You will need an herb butter to use for your corn. experiment with different combinations or you can use the same one I did to start you off.

Cleaning the corn:
Too clean the corn simply pull back (but don’t remove) the husk of the corn and then remove the “silk” which is the stringy stuff. Gently rinse the corn under cold water and pat dry. If you accidentally removed the husk or bought corn that is already cleaned, no worries you can just wrap them in tin foil.

Final prep:

  • Spread the butter on the corn with a knife and make sure it gets a nice layer.
  • Pull the husk back up to wrap the corn.
  • Tie with some cooking string to hold it tightly shut so they are easier to move around on the grill and stuff.

Grilling time:

  • Pre-heat your BBQ and then reduce to medium.
  • Grill corn over direct heat for 20-25 minutes or until kernels are tender.
  • Keep an eye on them and rotated occasionally to ensure even cooking.

When they are done, cut off the strings and husks then serve on its own or together with your main course like steak or pork. You’ll never want boiled corn again!

Stay hungry my friends,

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