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Fettuccine with Basil pesto

Basil pesto with pine nuts

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I fell in love with this sauce the very first time I made it, so ...

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Fresh Papardelle Pasta With Veal Ragu: My Experience at Chef en Vous

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This post is about a recipe I learned at a pasta making class that was taught at Chef en Vous, by chef Vanessa Gianfrancesco. I had to write about it because of the amazing time I had and the fantastic result. You can find the recipes for the fresh pasta... more

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Fresh pasta dough ball

Fresh Pasta Dough

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This recipe for fresh pasta dough is part of the cooking class I spoke about ...

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Fresh out of the oven

The Mac Daddy of Mac & Cheeses

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[...] the mac n' cheese was creamy, crispy, tasty, and all around amazing

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